Arnold & Son

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Arnold & Son is a Swiss watchmaking company that pays homage to the English watchmaker John Arnold from the 18th century. The company, based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of the Swiss watchmaking industry, produces its timepieces in-house and has a number of distinguished collections such as the Time Pyramid, Nebula, HM Perpetual Moon and Globetrotter.

The Time Pyramid collection consists of watches featuring an eye-catching three dimensional architecture. The Nebula collection boasts fully skeletonized movements, while the HM Perpetual Moon offers one of the largest moon phase complications on the market. Finally, the Globetrotter collection includes impressive worldtimer models. All Arnold & Son watches are intricately crafted with traditional watchmaking techniques and refined design elements to honor John Arnold’s legacy and genius.

By combining their knowledge of traditional horology with modern innovation, Arnold & Son is able to craft unique timepieces that are distinguishable by their fine craftsmanship and precision engineering. As a result, these watches are highly sought after and appreciated by horology aficionados around the world for their quality and attention to detail. With its commitment to excellence, Arnold & Son continues to produce some of the best timepieces available today that honor both past traditions as well as future innovation in wristwatch design.