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Montblanc watches have become an icon of traditional craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Established in 1997, the Montblanc watch collection has grown to include timepieces for every occasion, ranging from luxury dress watches to sporty chronographs. Since its inception, Montblanc has strived to combine the highest standards of Swiss heritage with modern design and innovation.

Montblanc’s first watch collection was introduced in 1997 and marked the brand’s move into horology after having previously established itself as a successful maker of writing instruments. This initial watch collection included models such as the Star Classique, Star Automatique and Star Dual Time which all feature timeless designs with a classic style that is still seen today in many of Montblanc’s current collections.

In 2002, Montblanc unveiled its iconic Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph which pays homage to Nicolas Rieussec—the inventor of the modern chronograph—with its two rotating discs representing minutes and hours. This model was also among the first chronographs on the market at the time to be powered by an automatic movement; further demonstrating Montblanc’s commitment to innovation and precision engineering.

Since then, other popular collections have been released such as the Timewalker which features both vintage-inspired designs as well as more contemporary takes on classic styles; along with limited edition models such as those produced in collaboration with Italian designer Giampiero Bodino or British actor/musician Idris Elba. The brand also produces watches that are designed for women such as their Lady Emblem line which consists of pieces featuring diamond flourishes combined with mother-of-pearl dials framed by attractive steel cases making them perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to any look.

Today, Montblanc continues to produce high quality Swiss-made watches that perfectly balance traditional aesthetics with modern technology for superior reliability and accuracy; all while maintaining a distinctive style that makes them instantly recognizable wherever they go.

  • 1858 Automatic 40 Stainless Steel / Bronze / Black / Calf

  • 1858 Automatic 40 Stainless Steel / Bronze / Black / NATO

  • 1858 Automatic 40 Stainless Steel / Bronze / Champagne / Calf

  • 1858 Automatic 44 Stainless Steel / Bronze / Black

  • 1858 Automatic Chronograph Bronze / Champagne / Calf

  • 1858 Automatic Chronograph Stainless Steel / Black / Calf

  • 1858 Automatic Chronograph Stainless Steel / Black / NATO

  • 1858 Automatic Dual Time Stainless Steel / Bronze / Black

  • 1858 Automatic Small Second Stainless Steel / Black

  • 1858 Chronograph Tachymeter Bronze

  • 1858 Chronograph Tachymeter Bronze Only Watch 2017

  • 1858 Chronograph Tachymeter Limited Edition Red Gold