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The Swatch Omega watch brand is the result of a first-time collaboration between Omega and Swatch, two of the world’s leading luxury watchmakers. Combining their respective strengths, they have created a collection of innovative watches that blends both luxury and street style. Drawing inspiration from the cosmos, the collection includes 11 watches named after planetary bodies in our solar system, ranging from stars to dwarf planets. Each of these watches is crafted with Swiss precision and exquisite attention to detail, boasting features like intricate engravings and expertly matched finishes.

For Omega, this joint venture serves as an homage to Swatch’s daring move to breathe new life into the Swiss watch industry during the quartz revolution. As such, every piece of the collection bears testament to each brand’s unique craftsmanship and design aesthetic while also embodying a spirit of collaborative innovation. As both a functional timepiece and an elegant piece of jewelry, each Omega x Swatch watch pays homage to its namesake celestial body—from radiant suns to distant moons—bringing true beauty from another world onto your wrist.